Green Eyes – wip

   Another piece that I’m working. This was commissioned by someone who loved the Gravity Wells 1 piece, and wanted one in green to match his decor.

GravityWells 1

   Here’s a peek at my new piece   Each wave and dot are individually hand drawn   At 300mm x 300mm, there are quiet a few of them  This piece has taken around 20hrs to complete. Prints will be available soon #handdrawn #art #abstractart #abstract #drawsomething #harmonics #clircles #redbubble #unipin #blue #white #ink #kitson

Phone Harmonics

I’ve created a coloured set of phone wallpapers These are also available from RedBubble as phone cases

The Buffalomen

After drawing the Buffaloman, I just to draw the alternatives with JayKay’s iconic hats  

A RedBubble Sale – 2 fold

RedBubble are offering a 20% discount tofay with their GIMME20 code And thank you for your support, I’ve sold a T-Shirt featuring my Buffaloman design on RedBubble  

The Zebra (Hippotigris)

   Hippogrotis Following the The Calf I searched for another animal print and the zebra proved inspirational     The print is so unique and their equine eyes are full of kindness

The Calf

      This minimal abstract piece, was one of my first pieces. It was based on a painting in the Pool Farm vets in Betley, by Nikki Hart.

The Dreaming Baby Giraffe

      a close up of the detail After seeing how baby giraffes go to sleep, supporting their heads on their backs, I jumped straight into this piece.